Welcome to Heart Rehabilitation Exercise.  This website is dedicated to giving you all the relevant information and support regarding how to make and maintain lifestyle changes after a cardiac event such as after a heart attack, heart surgery or stenting.  My name is Elaine Roles and I am a Cardiac Exercise Specialist qualifying in 2001.

Heart Rehabilitation Exercise offers practical advice for those recovering from heart attack and cardiac illness  in the form of videos and information articles as well as support through a weekly newsletter which helps heart patients improve their health and recover their quality of life.  There are articles on heart attack recovery and information on heart disease diet and losing weight.

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Cardiac rehabilitation, whether that be based in a hospital or out in the community, is a treatment programme to help heart patients manage their condition, improve their health and recover their quality of life after a cardiac event, such as a heart attack, heart bypass or other heart surgery. See ” Cardiac Rehab” for more information.

Here at Heart Rehabilitation Exercise, are heart rehabilitation exercise workouts posted for you to try at home along with information articles regarding lifestyle changes to support you on your road to recovery. I hope that you will find these of benefit to you.

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The great news is therefore regular exercise not just improves your brain function, but after a cardiac event can prolong your life. A recent review, known as the Cochrane Review, which looked at 48 independent clinical trials and found that cardiac rehabilitation increases your chances of being alive 5 years after your event by more than 25%.

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Besides the free exercise workouts which you can download, there are many more heart rehabilitation workouts and for help with a heart disease diet plan check out the Heart Articles and Products page.

If you are intending to use the exercise videos contained here then I strongly recommend that you have watched the training video beforehand.

The British Heart Foundation have very kindly agreed to allow one of their heart information articles to be posted to this site, check out the information article “How the Heart Works“.

The BODY MASS CALCULATER to your right, enter your height and weight and see what your BMI is and then see the article under the Heart Info Article tab.

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Taught my Friday Heart Exercise class, everyone was upbeat chatting and laughing. One of the class members thought it would be a joke to lock the studio cupboard where everyone had left their personal belongings and then pocket the key! We spent five minutes looking for it before he owned up !!!

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