“For many people it seems that a heart attack is the end of the world and that an active life is beyond them. This book explains that this is not the case.It does not prescribe particular diets or exercise regimes as if we are all the same but explains why and how we can change our lifestyles. It is a practical guide that takes us through simple steps. As it does not set targets for us we are encouraged to proceed at a pace with which we are comfortable yet challenges us to that bit more. Perhaps the best news it contains is that it is never too late to start making those lifestyle changes. Certainly worth a read for this alone! Ian” BUY NOW as digital download  DIRECT from AMAZON£5.20   A WEIGHT LOSS BOOK WHICH TACKLES YOUR HABITS ANDTHINKING   PATTERNS  AS WELL AS  AN ASSESSMENT OF LIFESTYLE, SO GIVING YOU AND INDIVIDUAL WEIGHT LOSS PRESCRIPTION. . TO FIND OUT MORE CLICK HERE

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