Introduction                                                           3

Why a prescription                                              6

What you need to know about dieting           12

How you think about food                                22

Staying Motivated                                              38

The Importance of Exercise                           52

Good Nutrition                                                  64

Keys to Success                                              90

Goal Setting                                                    100

Reading Food Labels                                   117

Energy Expenditure Chart                            134

My Prescription                                               138

Food Values                                                   178

About Elaine                                                   198

Snippet from the book.

Chapter 4

”  …………..   The smell of food cooking can immediately trigger memories and with that thoughts and feelings. Food is comforting, it makes us feel good. Food also gives us instant gratification, and in a world where everything is instant we expect an instant fix. We need to remember that food is fuel and not let our thoughts and feelings lead us into over eating. You need to be the master of it!

Use the statements below and write down those that register with you. By doing this you will be able to highlight some of the triggers which cause you to eat.  You may also be able to think of a few more.

. You eat because you feeling lonely tired or bored

. You eat your meals in front of the  television

. You eat when you are feeling stressed

. You eat to reward yourself or others

. You eat because you are unhappy

. You arrive home from work starving

. You grab foods from the fridge or cupboard without thought

. Are you so busy that you find yourself  snatching meals when you can?

. You eat whilst reading a newspaper or book?  ”


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