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Please be aware that the videos posted here are ONLY for those who have either been through a formal cardiac rehabilitation programme, or have been assessed by a specialist cardiac nurse or other cardiac professional. I have now posted new videos, which when done regularly, will improve the strength and tone of your upper body, legs and abdominals.  To view CLICK HERE These exercises are based on exercises done in a Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation setting, and will be graded according to intensity. If you have recently had a cardiac event such as a Heart Attack or Bypass then these exercises ARE NOT suitable for you. Please go to the article ” Recovery after a Heart Attack” and complete the 12 week exercise guide first.   You should also during this time be offered the opportunity of taking part in some form of cardiac rehabilitation.  If you are not then ask your GP to refer you. CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY  TO” RECOVERY AFTER A HEART ATTACK” ARTICLE It is crucial that before starting :- 1.  You have watched and understood the “How to Exercise Safely” video. 2.   You have read the article “Exercise Intensity”. 3.  You always do an appropriate Warm Up FIRST. If you have questions arising from the article and video referred to above, then please email me with them BEFORE starting. For those who know that their exercise levels are very very low and just walking around is a challenge try this Chair Based exercise and the balance exercise videos first before trying any of the other exercises.

Jan10 006 CHAIR EXERCISE This is a 22 minute exercise all of which is done seated.  You will need a chair without arms. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND VIEW


WARM UP 1 20090409_043807This video is a  warm Up lasting 16 minutes If you have not exercised for a while or know that your exercise levels are low do this one. . CLICK HERE TO  DOWNLOAD AND VIEW .


WARM UP 2 (1)20090117_034953This is a Warm Up video which will take you through some gentle movements which will gradually raise your heart rate.  It is a longer video lasting 20 minutes CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE VIDEO DOWN LOAD. You will also see instructions as to how to download the video if you are unsure.

BEGINNER LEVEL 1 WORK OUT 20090127_002119This is a beginner work out, Level 1. There is no equipment required The workout lasts for 16 minutes and there is a 12 minute cool down at the end CLICK HERE to view and download.  

WORKOUT LEVEL 2 TASTER  – with the option to use light hand weights. Weights used in video 1.5lbs (0.75kg).  If you have no weights then water bottles filled with water make good substitutes.   

(1)20090117_034953WORKOUT  LEVEL 2 This is a 10 minute exercise session with a 12 minute Cool Down. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE WARMED UP FIRST CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD



WORKOUT LEVEL 3 TASTER – 10 min workout with stretch to finish You need to warm up first.  This workout uses a chair and the option of using hand weight. This video has a 10 min workout with a 10 minute stretch.  To view and download CLICK HERE 


WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE? 20090211_023338BALANCE VIDEO 1 Please read the instructions at the top of the page you are being sent to before trying the video. CLICK HERE TO VIEW  

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