There has been much research into how those who have had a heart attack, and also those who still have ongoing problems with angina, think about their health, and what they can and can’t do. I have personally over the years come across patients who think that having had a heart attack, they should now take things easy.  Recently I spoke with a lady who I was offering a 12 week  cardiac rehabilitation course where she would be supported to help her get back to normal life.  She turned it down because her family did not want her to take part because they thought she should slow down and not over exert herself.    Sometimes it can be the patient’s family who have the wrong ideas as well.

This wrong thinking about heart problems has the potential to not only affect the persons future health, but also their quality of life.   It has been found that people who did not understand their condition and who had misconceptions were also likely to suffer increased anxiety, felt that they had no control over their illness, were less healthy, were less likely to return to work, and had a greater number of hospital admissions. So what about YOU? If after doing this quiz you find that your perceptions were wrong and the answers do not help you, then please feel free to email me or talk with your cardiac rehab nurse. Below you will find a series of statements, you just need to decide whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with the statement.  So grab a pen and write down your answers, and don’t cheat! 1.     People who have a heart condition should never get excited or upset. 2.     People develop heart disease because of worry in their life 3.     Rest is the best medicine for heart conditions 4.     It is dangerous for people with who have heart disease to argue. 5.     One of the main causes of heart disease is stress. 6.     Heart problems are a sign you have a worn out heart 7.     Your heart is like a battery, the more you do the faster it runs down. 8.     Taking regular exercise can strengthen the heart. 9.     Once you have had a heart attack you are bound to have another. 10.    Every bout of angina causes permanent damage to the heart 11.    People who have angina should avoid exercise 12.    Life after a heart attack can be better than before. 13.    Heart disease is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle 14.   People with heart disease should take life easy. To see the answers  CLICK HERE Referenced from The York Cardiac Beliefs Questionnaire

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