So how did you get on?

Below the questions along with the answers.

1.     People who have a heart condition should never get excited or upset.

Life without excitement or surprises would be very boring!  Normal excitements will not harm you in any way.

2.     People develop heart disease because of worry in their life.

Disagree.  Worry does not cause heart disease.

3.     Rest is the best medicine for heart conditions.

Disagree.  Rest is not a medicine, too much rest makes you unfit, leads to lack of energy and staminia and can cause even more health problems.

4.     It is dangerous for people with who have heart disease to argue.

Disagree. You should aim to live a normal life, with all the up’s and downs that go along with it.

5.     One of the main causes of heart disease is stress.

Disagree. Everyday stress is not one of the risk factors associated with heart disease, although it can play a part. The major risk factors for heart disease are being overweight and habits such as smoking and inactivity.

6.     Heart problems are a sign you have a worn out heart

Disagree.  Your heart does not wear out

7.     Your heart is like a battery, the more you do the faster it runs down.

Disagree.  Activity will keep the heart strong and efficient

8.     Taking regular exercise can strengthen the heart.

AGREE.  But always ensure that you exercise in the correct way.  Your cardiac nurse, and the articles here on the site will guide you.

9.     Once you have had a heart attack you are bound to have another.

Disagree.  The vast majority do not go on and have another.

10.    Every bout of angina causes permanent damage to the heart.

Disagree.  Stable angina does not damage the heart.

11.    People who have angina should avoid exercise.

Disagree.  Those with angina who take regular appropriate exercise reduce their risk of more heart problems

12.    Life after a heart attack can be better than before.

Agree.  Especially if the person has taken part in a cardiac rehabilitation programme.  Cardiac rehab has been shown to reduce the chance of early death by around 26%.

13.    Heart disease is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

AGREE.  An unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause of heart disease.

14.   People with heart disease should take life easy.

Disagree.  Be as active as you can, it will reduce your risk of developing more heart and other health problems, such as diabetes.

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