Don’t be tempted by the increasing number of “Quick fix” options that are currently flooding the market.   Many of these quick fixes offer quick and totally unrealistic weight loss promises.

Many of these offer a novel approach to weight loss and can appear to be fun and motivating, even down to having all your meals prepared for you. If they are ineffective in helping you permanently lose the pounds then not only is it a good opportunity lost but will have also cost you money, time and can leave you feeling down and discouraged.

So how can you tell the dieting fact from fiction?  You can tell that it’s a con when:-

. It provides all your meals for you.

. It promotes the avoidance or severe limitation of an entire food group, such as dairy products, staple food such as wheat (and suggests substituting them for expensive doses of vitamin and mineral supplements).

. It promotes eating mainly one type of food (eg Cabbage soup, Mars bars or eggs) or avoiding all cooked foods (the raw food diet).

. It recommends eating foods only in particular combinations based on or genetic type or blood group.

. It suggests that being overweight is related to a food allergy or a yeast infection.

. It recommends detoxing or avoiding foods in certain combinations, such as fruit with meals.

. It promises rapid weight loss of more than 2lb of body fat a week.

Successful weight loss needs to be an individual prescription and appropriate for you and only you.

We are all very different, in age, weight, gender as well as having a wide variety of lifestyles, health issues, fitness levels, and previous experiences of trying to lose weight. All of these factors will alter the weight loss prescription which will enable you to lose weight and successfully keep it off.

The weight loss program that I am offering to you, will tackle your eating habits and thinking patterns, as well as an assessment of lifestyle to give you an Individual Weight Loss Program. You will also receive vouchers to attend my classes in Sidcup as well as downloads to a Home Exercise Program. This program also comes with a 100% guarantee.



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